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Canadian County Dems poll Czech Day visitors on top issues

posted Oct 2, 2016, 11:23 PM by Jody Harlan

Canadian County Democrats’ volunteers (from left) Susan Schmidt, Amber Meiki, Shiloh Meiki, Charles Sanchez, Cheryl Drabek and Shirley Burton polled Czech Day visitors on their top concerns. Schmidt holds a puppet used in videos opposing State Question 777, Right to Farm.

YUKON, Okla. – Twenty-three percent of Czech Festival participants were most concerned about public education on October 01, according to an unofficial bean poll taken by the Canadian County Democrats at their booth in Yukon.

Hundreds of visitors stopped by the Democrats’ booth to drop pinto beans into 11 slots separated by acrylic and wood.

“The bean poll is a fun way for people to prioritize their top concerns,” Canadian County Democrats Secretary Shirley Burton said. “We had lines of people in front of our booth all day long. Czech Fest was definitely one of our most successful events all year long.”

Democratic volunteers reported the second most popular issue in the bean poll was healthcare with 18 percent. Veterans services was third with 16 percent. Equal pay/minimum wage increase and better roads/bridges/public transportation tied for fourth place with 7 percent.

Three topics tied for fifth place with 6 percent of the vote: Medicare, earthquakes and access to birth control.

Susan Schmidt brought her puppet Peggy Piglet to advocate against State Question 777, known as “Right to Harm” by opponents. Schmidt and her husband Bill produced four YouTube videos about problems they see with the ballot measure that would benefit multi-national, corporate factories who want to avoid legal limits on their water pollution.

The remaining topics in the bean poll included wind and solar energy with 5 percent, local government with 4 percent and social services funding with 2 percent.

The Canadian County Democrats meet at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, except December, at the Yukon Police Department, 100 S. Ranchwood Boulevard.  For more information, phone 405- 326-3600.