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Wow! Great Precinct Meeting, Platform Approved Tonight

posted Mar 14, 2013, 11:50 PM by Jody Harlan

It made me so proud to watch the Canadian County Democrats tonight – great volunteers, experienced activists, new people with great ideas, entertainment by Tim (O’Connor) & Tim (Wagner) and passionate, and respectful discussion about our platform led by Platform Committee Chair and primary author Elma Holder. We had 30 people attend tonight – not bad at all. Let’s recognize everyone who helped on the platform committee, Cindy Bornemann, Shirley Burton, Cheryl Drabek, J. P. Hemminger and Tom Lucas and our volunteers who set up and operated the precinct meeting tonight Shirley Burton, Stephanie and Bruce Fraker, Shirley Robertson and Tom Lucas. Thank you also to each you who came tonight and those who couldn’t come, but agreed to serve as precinct officers.

Some people ask if we can really make a difference. My friend and co-worker Mark Kinnison wrote to his staff today about a book called “The Things I Learned from Bill Porter,” who was a man born in the 1930s with Cerebral Palsy. Mark wrote, “What impressed me about the book was not the fact that Mr. Porter became successful, but he did so in a very humble way. He treated people with high respect and dignity. He also had an assistant and other folks that worked for him that treated him the same way. It reminded me that to be highly successful we must inspire those around us to be successful.” Then Mark shared this quote from the book that I believe is relevant to our work as Democrats and the success we share tonight.

“I never thought my life had meaning, and I didn’t live it as though it was important to anyone except those close to me. My message to everyone who reads this book is that your life is important, too. Think about each person you meet each day of your life and what effect you might have upon them, for good or ill. It isn’t always the big decisions that make a difference in our lives; more often, it’s the little ones. The extra smile or wave; calling a friend who is ill; going out of your way to help someone whether they ask or not. Each of you has the same opportunity to inspire others as I do, simply by living your life as best you can. People tell me that I have touched thousands of lives, but what I think is that hundreds and thousands of people have helped me. Thank you, each of you, and every time you ask yourself if you can make a difference, remember this answer: You bet you can.” -Bill Porter

Jody Harlan, Canadian County Democrats Chair