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Who can we vote for Nov. 4?

posted Oct 25, 2014, 7:36 PM by Jody Harlan

Please vote for the following Democratic candidates for office on Nov. 4. Then ask five (of your friends) to ask five (of their friends) to vote for Democrats too. Mid-term elections are generally low turnout. Getting our voters to the polls gives Democratic candidates an edge.

1 Justin Atkinson, County Commissioner #1
2 Sarah Baker, State House District 43 (Yukon)
3 Michael Brooks-Jimenez, State Senate District 44 (Mustang area)...
4 Dr. John Cox, State Superintendent
5 Cathy Cummings,  Lt. Governor
6 Joe Dorman, Governor
7 Connie Johnson, US Senate
8 Frankie Robbins, US Congress #3
9 Matt Silverstein, US Senate
10 Mike Workman, Labor Commissioner

What are my federal and state Senate and House districts?
Where is my polling place?
How can I vote early or by mail?

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